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There is a big difference between being rich

and having a lot of money

Sara Rae
26 April
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I deleted my profile so this will do for the time being

Exclusively pumped for Landon until 12 weeks

Have been breastfeeding Oliver:

Her stuff is fabulous you guys! if you like jewelry that is classy and unique and are looking for the perfect gift, this is where to buy!!!!

her stuff is also great! so buy her stuff too!

These hats are absolutely ADORABLE for little ones!

This is another friend's etsy! her jewelry is fabulous and unique!

great knitted baby stuff at reasonable prices! and she does customs!

check this website out guys! she does amazing things with yarn! if you knit check it out!

This is a great store run by a woman on livejournal -- check out her stash of cloth diapers and cloth diaper related stuff and more!

OH I have an etsy too. bet you can't guess the name of the store.

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